John Deere 9rx Price

John Deere 9RX Parts and Parts Manual PDF

John Deere 9RX Parts

The John Deere 9RX series consists of the 9RX 710, 9RX 770, and 9RX 830 tractors, which are the most powerful production tractors from John Deere.

Power and Performance

– The 9RX 830 is the flagship model with a massive 913 hp maximum engine power and 830 hp rated power from the 18L JD18 engine.
– The 9RX 770 and 9RX 710 offer 770 hp and 710 hp rated power respectively from the same JD18 engine.
– They feature the new e21 21-speed PowerShift transmission with Efficiency Manager for 40 km/h (25 mph) top speed.
– With up to 38,102 kg (84,000 lb) ballast weight, the 9RX 830 can pull wider implements at consistent depths, eliminating passes and reducing soil compaction.
– The large footprint and independent movement of the undercarriage provide superior traction and ride quality.

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