John Deere 9RX Parts and Parts Manual PDF

John Deere 9RX Parts

The John Deere 9RX series consists of the 9RX 710, 9RX 770, and 9RX 830 tractors, which are the most powerful production tractors from John Deere.

Power and Performance

– The 9RX 830 is the flagship model with a massive 913 hp maximum engine power and 830 hp rated power from the 18L JD18 engine.
– The 9RX 770 and 9RX 710 offer 770 hp and 710 hp rated power respectively from the same JD18 engine.
– They feature the new e21 21-speed PowerShift transmission with Efficiency Manager for 40 km/h (25 mph) top speed.
– With up to 38,102 kg (84,000 lb) ballast weight, the 9RX 830 can pull wider implements at consistent depths, eliminating passes and reducing soil compaction.
– The large footprint and independent movement of the undercarriage provide superior traction and ride quality.

Cab and Operator Experience

– The new CommandView 4 Plus cab offers a quiet experience, smooth ride, improved visibility (20% more on the right side), and 15% more floor space compared to previous cabs.
– It features the large G5 Plus Command Center display, digital radio with smartphone integration, and advanced precision ag capabilities like AutoTrac, AutoPath, and data sharing.

Fuel Efficiency and Uptime

– The JD18 engine meets emissions standards using only Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), eliminating the need for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
– An optional Fast Fill System allows refueling the 1949-L (515-gal) fuel tank in under 4 minutes for increased uptime.

The 9RX series represents John Deere’s most powerful and technologically advanced tractors, designed to deliver unmatched power, efficiency, and operator comfort for large-scale farming operations.

John Deere 9RX Specs

Here are the key specifications for the John Deere 9RX series of track tractors:

– 9RX 830: 18L JD18 engine, 913 hp max power, 830 hp rated power
– 9RX 770: 18L JD18 engine, 770 hp rated power
– 9RX 710: 18L JD18 engine, 710 hp rated power
– 9RX 640: 13.6L JD14 engine, 691 hp max power, 640 hp rated power
– 9RX 590: 13.6L JD14 engine, 649 hp max power, 590 hp rated power

– e21 21-speed PowerShift with Efficiency Manager, 40 km/h (25 mph) top speed
– e18 18-speed PowerShift with Efficiency Manager on 9RX 640

– Up to 636 L/min (168 gpm) hydraulic flow

– Category 4N/4 rear hitch, up to 9,072 kg (20,000 lb) lift capacity

– 9RX 830: 33,500 kg (74,000 lb) base weight
– 9RX 640: 25,546 kg (56,320 lb) base weight
– 9RX 590: 26,650 kg (57,343 lb) base weight

– Up to 6.69 m2 (72 ft2) footprint area
– 8.3 m (27.2 ft) transport length on 9RX 640
– 762 mm (30 in) track width on 9RX 640

The 9RX tractors deliver immense power, large footprints for traction, high hydraulic flow, and advanced precision ag capabilities in the new Command View 4 Plus cab.

John Deere 9RX Parts List

– Engine fuel water separator filter: AT365869 (13.6L engine), RE561968 (15L engine)
– DEF inline filter: DZ110513 (FT4)
– DEF supply module filter: DZ114640 (FT4)
– DEF tank vent filter: RE577250
– Transmission lube filter: RE577612
– Fresh air filter: RE284091, RE333567 (carbon)

Belts and Tensioners
– Fan drive belt: R561692 (w/o air compressor), R563475 (w/ air trailer brake), R56408 (w/ CTIS compressor)
– Auxiliary drive belt: TR109574 (13.6L engine), TR126942 (15L engine)
– Belt tensioner: AKK11162 (13.6L auxiliary), AN208610 (13.6L engine)

Engine Parts
– Water pump: REC540604700 (15L engine), DZ118003 (13.6L engine)
– Torsional damper: REC410188400 (15L engine), DZ121183 (13.6L engine)

Cab Parts
– Internal rear view mirror: RE588734
– External rear view mirrors: RE586098 (LH), RE586099 (RH), RE586100 (w/o wide angle LH), RE589989 (w/o wide angle RH)
– Wiper blades: R572234 (front, rear & RH window)
– Gas cylinders: TR126983 (LH door), RE593531 (rear window)

Hitch and SCV Parts
– SCV breakaway coupler: RE577560
– Lift link pins: RE333939 (pin), R106409 (draft link ball stud)
– Hitch maintenance: R309355 (sway block RH), R304695 (sway block wear plate RH), R309356 (sway block LH), R304694 (sway block wear plate LH), AXE14245 (hitch position sensor)

This covers many of the key replacement parts for filters, belts, engine components, cab parts, and hitch/SCV parts for the 9RX tractors based on the John Deere parts guides provided.

John Deere 9RX Parts Manual

The main parts catalog for the 9RX series is the John Deere 9RX 490 Tractor Parts Catalog PC16076 26NOV23. This comprehensive manual covers all parts and components for the 9RX 490 model.

Additionally, John Deere offers separate parts catalogs for other specific 9RX models:

– John Deere 9RX 540 Tractor Parts Catalog PC16173 26NOV23

These official John Deere parts catalogs provide detailed listings, diagrams, and part numbers for ordering replacement parts and components for the respective 9RX tractor models.

While not a dedicated 9RX parts manual, the John Deere 9620RX Tractor Maintenance Guide[4] contains useful information on service schedules, maintenance intervals, and common wear parts for the 9620RX model, which can be referenced for similar components on other 9RX tractors.

The search results did not include any parts manuals specifically for the 9RX 640 model, but its key specifications are listed on the Lectura Specs website.

In summary, John Deere publishes comprehensive parts catalogs for the 9RX 490 and 9RX 540 models, which are the primary parts manuals for the 9RX tractor series. Additional maintenance guides offer supplementary parts information for specific models like the 9620RX.

Manual Sections :

Engine Parts
– Engine components like water pumps, torsional dampers, belts, and filters
– Emission system parts like DEF filters and tanks

Transmission and Hydraulics
– Transmission filters, lubricants, and seals
– Hydraulic system components and capacities

Cab Parts
– Cab mirrors, wiper blades, gas cylinders for doors/windows
– Technology mounting solutions for displays, tablets, etc.

Hitch and SCV Parts
– Hitch components like sway blocks, position sensors, pins
– Selective Control Valve (SCV) parts like couplers and seals

Filter Overview
– Comprehensive listing of all filters across engine, transmission, hydraulics, cab air, emissions systems with service intervals

– Fluid capacities for fuel, engine oil, hydraulic/transmission systems

The parts manuals like the John Deere 9RX 490 Tractor Parts Catalog PC16076 provide detailed diagrams, part numbers, and listings organized by major tractor systems. Some manuals may have additional sections for axles, PTO, or other model-specific components.

John Deere 9RX Horsepower

The John Deere 9RX series tractors offer immense horsepower, with the flagship 9RX 830 model delivering a massive 913 hp maximum engine power and 830 hp rated power from the 18L JD18 engine.

The other models in the lineup are:

– 9RX 770: 847 hp maximum power, 770 hp rated power
– 9RX 710: 781 hp maximum power, 710 hp rated power

Additionally, the 9RX tractors feature Intelligent Power Management (IPM) which provides an extra 40 hp power boost when required.

This exceptional horsepower allows the 9RX tractors to pull wider implements at consistent depths, eliminating passes and reducing soil compaction. With up to 38,102 kg (84,000 lb) of ballast weight on the 9RX 830, these tractors can maintain set speeds even on steep inclines without losing performance.

The massive torque output, with the 9RX 830 producing 4,234 Nm (3,123 lb-ft) of peak torque at 1400 rpm, further enhances their pulling capabilities. The horsepower and torque are efficiently utilized through the new e21 21-speed PowerShift transmission with Efficiency Manager.

In summary, the 9RX 830 leads the pack with a class-leading 913 hp maximum and 830 hp rated power, while the 9RX 770 and 9RX 710 offer 847 hp/770 hp and 781 hp/710 hp respectively, making the 9RX series John Deere’s most powerful production tractor lineup.

John Deere 9RX Weight

9RX 830
– Base machine weight: 33,500 kg (74,000 lb)
– Maximum ballast weight: 38,102 kg (84,000 lb)

9RX 770
– No specific weight information

9RX 710
– No specific weight information

9RX 640
– Base machine weight: 25,546 kg (56,320 lb)
– Base machine weight: 26,650 kg (57,343 lb)
– Maximum ballast weight: 30,391 kg (67,000 lb)

9RX 590
– Base machine weight: 26,650 kg (57,343 lb)
– Maximum ballast weight: 30,391 kg (67,000 lb)

The 9RX 830 has the highest base weight of 33,500 kg and can be ballasted up to a massive 38,102 kg to provide immense traction and drawbar pull. The 9RX 640 and 9RX 590 models have lower base weights around 26,650 kg but can still be ballasted up to 30,391 kg.

The large footprint area of up to 6.69 m2 (72 ft2) and low ground pressure of 0.58 kg/cm2 further enhance the 9RX’s traction capabilities[.

John Deere 9RX Engine

9RX 830, 9RX 770, 9RX 710
– 18L JD18X engine
– Up to 913 hp maximum power (9RX 830)
– 9RX 830: 830 hp rated power
– 9RX 770: 770 hp rated power
– 9RX 710: 710 hp rated power
– Up to 4,234 Nm (3,123 lb-ft) peak torque at 1400 rpm (9RX 830)
– Meets Stage V emission standards without requiring Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)/AdBlue

9RX 640
– 13.6L JD14 engine
– 691 hp maximum power, 640 hp rated power
– Cummins QSX15 engine used in the first year of production
– 6 cylinders, 24 valves, 15.9:1 compression ratio
– 2,179 lb-ft (2,954 Nm) torque at 1,550 rpm

9RX 590
– 13.6L JD14 engine
– 649 hp maximum power, 590 hp rated power
– 2,723 Nm (2,008 lb-ft) peak torque at 1,550 rpm

The 9RX 830/770/710 are powered by the massive 18L JD18X engine delivering class-leading power up to 913 hp. The 9RX 640 and 9RX 590 use the 13.6L JD14 engine with maximum power ratings of 691 hp and 649 hp respectively.

All 9RX engines utilize technologies like series turbochargers, high-pressure common rail fuel injection, and air-to-air aftercooling to achieve their exceptional power densities while meeting emissions standards.

John Deere 9RX Cab

The John Deere 9RX series tractors feature the new Command View 4 Plus cab, which offers significantly enhanced operator comfort, visibility, and ergonomics compared to previous models. Here are the key highlights of the 9RX cab:

Improved Visibility and Space
– 20% more right-hand side visibility for better implement monitoring
– 15% more floor space for increased operator comfort
– Large panoramic windows and redesigned doors for excellent all-around visibility

Quieter and Smoother Ride
– New cab suspension with three degrees of freedom isolates the cab from vibrations
– Isolated subframe further reduces noise levels inside the cab
– Smooth and precise handling with ActiveCommand Steering (ACS) that adjusts effort based on ground speed

Advanced Controls and Displays
– Large 32.5 cm (12.8 inch) high-definition G5 Plus CommandCenter display
– Integration of John Deere precision ag technologies like AutoTrac, Section Control, Variable Rate Control
– Digital radio with smartphone integration and Bluetooth connectivity

Ergonomic Design
– Increased legroom and more intuitive control layout
– Only 3.5 steering wheel turns lock-to-lock in the field for reduced operator fatigue
– Easy access to daily maintenance points from the ground or new service catwalk

The new CommandView 4 Plus cab on the 9RX tractors provides a quieter, more comfortable operating environment with enhanced visibility, precision ag capabilities, and ergonomic controls – all designed to boost operator productivity and reduce fatigue during long working hours.

John Deere 9RX Tracks

Track Options
– 9RX 830/770/710: Camso® Ag 3500 or 6500 Tracks
– Standard track width: 762 mm (30 in)
– Optional track widths: 457 mm (18 in), 610 mm (24 in), 762 mm (30 in), 914 mm (36 in)

Track Specifications
– Tread spacing options: 2,032 mm (80 in), 2,235 mm (88 in), 3,048 mm (120 in)
– Three mid-rollers for improved ride quality
– Up to 6.69 m2 (72 ft2) total footprint area
– Minimum 0.58 kg/cm2 (8.2 psi) ground pressure on the 9RX 830

Traction and Maneuverability
– Large footprint and independent movement of the undercarriage provide superior traction
– Traction is fully maintained even when turning under load with minimal beaming on headlands
– The narrow 3.0 m transport width allows easy road transport between fields

The 9RX tractors utilize advanced Camso rubber track technology with various width and tread spacing options to maximize traction, minimize ground pressure, and enable tight turning ability. The large footprint area and independent track movement enhance performance in the field while still allowing a relatively narrow transport width on roads.

The track design, combined with the immense power and ballasting capacity of up to 38,102 kg on the 9RX 830, enables these tractors to pull wider implements at consistent depths with reduced soil compaction and disturbance.

Replacing Tracks on John Deere 9RX

1. Park the tractor on a level surface and apply the parking brake. Raise the tractor and properly support it on jack stands or blocks.

2. Loosen the track tension by turning the grease fitting on the rear idler counterclockwise until the track has enough slack to remove it.

3. Remove the track rod ends from the front idler using a socket or wrench. This will allow the track to fully disengage from the front idler.

4. Slowly release the remaining track tension by continuing to turn the rear grease fitting counterclockwise. The track will gradually come off the undercarriage components.

5. Once the old track is removed, inspect all undercarriage components like idlers, mid-rollers, and the drive sprocket for any damage or excessive wear. Replace as needed.

6. Carefully guide the new replacement track around the undercarriage, ensuring it is properly seated on the front idler, mid-rollers, and drive sprocket.

7. Reattach the track rod ends to the front idler using the proper hardware and torque specifications.

8. Apply track tension by pumping grease into the rear idler fitting until the recommended tension is achieved based on the track manufacturer’s guidelines.

9. Double check that the track is properly seated and aligned on all undercarriage components.

10. Lower the tractor back to the ground and perform a brief operation to verify correct track installation and tension.

It’s critical to follow all safety protocols, use proper jack stands/blocks, and refer to the manufacturer’s service manual for your specific 9RX model and track brand for detailed instructions and torque values. Replacing tracks is a labor-intensive process, so having the right tools and taking proper precautions is essential.

John Deere 9RX Fuel Capacity

The 9RX tractors are equipped with a massive 1,952-liter (515-gallon) fuel tank. This large fuel capacity allows for extended operation without frequent refueling stops.

To further enhance productivity, the 9RX models offer an optional Fast Fuel System that allows refilling the 1,952-liter tank in under 4 minutes. This minimizes non-productive time spent refueling during long work days.

The large fuel tank combined with the powerful and fuel-efficient 18L JD18X engine provides exceptional operating range for the 9RX tractors on large farms and agricultural operations.

Replacement fuel cap parts like the AT346094, GX22166, and M143291 are also available from John Deere dealers for servicing the fuel tank system on these tractors.

In summary, the John Deere 9RX series tractors feature an immense 1,952-liter (515-gallon) fuel tank capacity with an optional ultra-fast refueling system to maximize productive uptime in the field.