John Deere Z335e Parts and Parts Manual PDF

John Deere Z335e Parts

The John Deere Z335E is a zero-turn ride-on mower designed for residential use. Here’s a summary of its key features and specifications:

1. Engine: The Z335E is powered by a 20 HP Briggs & Stratton 655cc V-twin gasoline engine.

2. Mowing Deck: It comes equipped with a 42-inch Accel Deep™ mower deck, providing a wide cutting path.

3. Speed: The mower has a forward speed of 0-7 mph (0-11.3 km/h) and a reverse speed of 0-3.5 mph (0-5.6 km/h).

4. Fuel Capacity: It has a 2.1-gallon (7.9 L) fuel tank.

5. Tires: The front caster tires are 11×4-5, while the rear drive tires are 18×8.5-8.

6. Weight: The mower weighs approximately 491 lbs (222 kg).

7. Controls: It features twin lever controls for speed and direction, with 2-height/9-fore-aft adjustments in 18 positions.

8. Comfort: The Z335E comes with a medium-back seat that is 15 inches (38.1 cm) high.

9. Drivetrain: It uses dual Hydro-Gear EZT hydrostatic transmissions with 1-inch axles.

10. Warranty: The mower comes with a 2-year or 120-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty, whichever comes first.

11. Additional Features: It includes a mower wash port for easy cleaning, a flip-up foot platform for convenient deck access, and a mulching system is available as an optional attachment.

The John Deere Z335E is designed to offer efficient mowing with the maneuverability of a zero-turn radius, making it suitable for homeowners with medium to large-sized lawns who prioritize precision and speed in their mowing tasks.

John Deere Z335e Specs

Here are the key specifications for the John Deere Z335E zero-turn mower:

– 20 HP (14.9 kW) Briggs & Stratton V-twin gasoline engine
– 656cc displacement
– Full pressure lubrication with replaceable filter

Mower Deck:
– 42-inch (107 cm) Accel Deep™ mower deck
– Side discharge type
– Optional mulching system available

– Forward speed: 0-7 mph (0-11.3 km/h)
– Reverse speed: 0-3.5 mph (0-5.6 km/h)

Fuel System:
– 2.1 gallon (7.9 L) fuel tank capacity
– Low-fuel indicator light

– Dual Hydro-Gear EZT hydrostatic transmissions with 1-inch axles

– Front caster tires: 11×4-5
– Rear drive tires: 18×8.5-8

Dimensions and Weight:
– Wheelbase: 47.5 inches (120 cm)
– Weight: 491 lbs (222 kg) without fuel

– Twin lever controls for speed and direction
– 18 adjustment positions (2 height/9 fore-aft)

Comfort Features:
– Medium-back seat with 15-inch (38.1 cm) height
– 2.5-inch (6.35 cm) fore-aft seat adjustment
– Two-spring seat suspension

Additional Features:
– Electric PTO clutch
– 12V battery (300 CCA)
– Hour meter
– Mower wash port for easy cleaning

– 2-year or 120-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty, whichever comes first

The John Deere Z335E is designed for residential use, offering a balance of performance, comfort, and ease of maintenance for homeowners with medium to large lawns.

John Deere Z335e Parts List

Maintenance and Service Parts:
1. Fuel Filter-In-Line (AM116304) – replace every 100/200 hours
2. Engine Oil Filter (AM125424) – replace every 50/100/150/200/250 hours
3. Spark Plug (MIU11020) – replace every 100/200 hours
4. Air Filter (MIU14395) – replace every 100/200 hours
5. Engine Oil (Turf-Gard 10W30, TY22029) – change every 50/100/150/200/250 hours
6. Multi-Purpose SD Polyurea Grease (TY24416) – as needed

Common Repair Parts:
7. Key (AM125504)
8. Mulch Control Kit (BM24794)
9. Gauge Wheel (GX10168)
10. Fuel Cap (GX23465)
11. Mower Belt (GX25628)
12. Bagging Kit for 42″ deck (GX25668)
13. Traction Drive Belt (GX26401)
14. Side Discharge Kit for 42″ deck (M170639)
15. Mulching Kit for 42″ deck (M170642)
16. Ignition Switch (TCA22740)
17. Battery (TY25878) – for 42″ Accel Deep Deck

Additional Parts:
18. Mower Deck Leveling Gauge (AM130907)
19. Grease Gun (TY26517) – for 42″ Accel Deep Deck
20. 42-inch Accel Mower Deck Parts (various)
21. Rear Bagger Parts (various)

22. Front Caster Tires: 11×4.0-5
23. Rear Drive Tires: 18×8.50-8

John Deere Z335e Parts Diagram

1. Parts Lookup Resources:
– Weingartz offers an illustrated parts lookup for the John Deere Z335E ZTrak Mower.
– GreenPartStore also provides a parts listing for this model.

2. Major Component Categories:
– Engine Parts
– Mower Deck Parts (42-inch Accel Deep Deck)
– Electrical Components
– Drive System Parts
– Fuel System Components
– Steering and Control Parts

3. Common Replacement Parts:
– Fuel Filter (AM116304)
– Engine Oil Filter (AM125424)
– Spark Plug (MIU11020)
– Air Filter (MIU14395)
– Mower Belt (GX25628)
– Traction Drive Belt (GX26401)
– Battery (TY25878)[2]

4. Attachments and Accessories:
– MulchControl Kit (BM24794)
– Bagging Kit for 42″ deck (GX25668)
– Side Discharge Kit for 42″ deck (M170639)
– Mulching Kit for 42″ deck (M170642)

5. Tires:
– Front Caster Tires: 11×4.0-5
– Rear Drive Tires: 18×8.50-8

John Deere Z335e Parts Manual

1. Common Service Parts:
– Fuel Filter-In-Line (AM116304) – replace every 100/200 hours
– Engine Oil Filter (AM125424) – replace every 50/100/150/200/250 hours
– Spark Plug (MIU11020) – replace every 100/200 hours
– Air Filter (MIU14395) – replace every 100/200 hours
– Engine Oil (Turf-Gard 10W30, TY22029) – change every 50/100/150/200/250 hours

2. Frequently Used Parts:
– Mower Belt (GX25628)
– Traction Drive Belt (GX26401)
– MulchControl Kit (BM24794)
– Fuel Cap (GX23465)
– Ignition Switch (TCA22740)
– Battery (TY25878) for 42″ Accel Deep Deck

3. Mower Deck Parts:
– 42-inch Mower Blade (GY20683)
– 42-inch Mower Deck Belt (GX25628)

4. Attachments:
– Bagging Kit for 42″ deck (GX25668)
– Side Discharge Kit for 42″ deck (M170639)
– Mulching Kit for 42″ deck (M170642)

5. Tires:
– Front: 11×4.0-5
– Rear: 18×8.50-8

For the complete parts manual, you should:
1. Check the John Deere website for downloadable manuals[2]
2. Contact an authorized John Deere dealer
3. Consult the owner’s manual that came with your mower

Remember that parts may vary slightly depending on the specific model year of your Z335E. For the most accurate information, always refer to your mower’s serial number when ordering parts or consulting manuals.

John Deere Z335e Problems

1. Deck issues:
– The deck is prone to bending if stepped on.
– Noise from the deck, potentially indicating problems with spindles or idlers.

2. Tire problems:
– The tires often have difficulty holding air pressure, frequently coming in low.

3. Caster wheel issues:
– Caster wheels may not turn properly due to worn-out bushings.
– This can be fixed by replacing the bushings and applying grease.

4. Starting problems:
– Some users report issues with the mower not starting.
– This could be related to safety interlock systems.

5. Steering problems:
– The mower may have difficulty turning correctly, potentially causing damage to lawns.

6. Fuel system issues:
– There are reports of fuel-related problems, possibly requiring cleaning of the fuel tank and lines.

7. General reliability concerns:
– Some sources suggest that the Z335E may have frequent issues, with one video title even calling it “The Worst Mower Ever@.

To address these problems, regular maintenance is crucial. This includes:
– Proper lubrication of moving parts
– Regular oil and filter changes
– Checking and maintaining correct tire pressure
– Inspecting and replacing worn parts as needed
– Keeping the fuel system clean

It’s important to note that while these issues have been reported, individual experiences may vary. Proper maintenance and care can help prevent or mitigate many of these problems.

John Deere Z335e Maintenance Tips

1. Avoid stepping on the mower deck, as it can bend easily.

2. Regularly check and maintain proper tire pressure. The tires on this model often have difficulty holding air.

3. Inspect and replace caster wheel bushings as needed. Apply grease when replacing to ensure proper rotation.

4. Perform regular oil and filter changes according to the maintenance schedule:
– Change engine oil and filter every 50/100/150/200/250 hours
– Replace air filter every 100/200 hours
– Replace fuel filter every 100/200 hours
– Replace spark plug every 100/200 hours

5. Keep the fuel system clean to prevent starting issues. This may include cleaning the fuel tank and lines if problems occur.

6. Regularly inspect and lubricate moving parts, especially the deck spindles and idlers, to prevent noise and wear.

7. Use the mower wash port for easy cleaning of the deck to maintain optimal performance.

8. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for blade sharpening and replacement.

9. Regularly inspect and replace the mower deck belt and traction drive belt as needed.

10. Keep the battery charged and clean to avoid starting problems.

By following these maintenance tips, you can help prevent many of the common issues associated with the John Deere Z335E and potentially extend the life of your mower.

John Deere Z335e Blades

1. Blade Specifications:
– The Z335E uses 42-inch mower blades
– The official John Deere part number for these blades is GY20683

2. Replacement Options:
– Original John Deere blades are available through authorized dealers and parts suppliers
– Aftermarket replacement blades are also available from various manufacturers

3. Purchasing Options:
– The blades can be found on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon
– A set of two replacement blades is available for around US$28.99 on eBay
– Some aftermarket options, like the showingo 2 Pack Lawn Mower Blades, are marketed as compatible replacements for the Z335E

4. Compatibility:
– The same blades are often compatible with other John Deere models, including Z335M, Z345M, and Z345R

5. Maintenance:
– Regular blade inspection and replacement are important for optimal mower performance
– Blades should be sharpened or replaced as needed to maintain cutting quality

When purchasing replacement blades, it’s important to ensure they are compatible with your specific model and year of the John Deere Z335E. While aftermarket options may be more affordable, using genuine John Deere parts can help ensure proper fit and performance.

John Deere Z335e Bagger and Bagger Kit

1. Compatibility:
The John Deere Z335E is compatible with a bagger system designed for 42-inch decks. This bagger kit is part of the Z300 Series accessories.

2. Bagger Kit Components:
The Z300 Series bagger kit typically includes:
– Hopper
– Chute
– Ballast
– Hitch
– Hardware for installation

3. Availability:
While some John Deere models don’t have bagger attachments, the Z335E does have a compatible bagger system available.

4. Installation:
Although not specific to the Z335E, the installation process for similar models involves:
– Removing the existing toe guard
– Installing new braces on the back of the mower
– Mounting the framing for the bagger kit
– Attaching the hopper system
– Installing a weight bracket
– Setting up the tube assembly

5. Purchasing Options:
– The bagger kit and parts can be found through authorized John Deere dealers and parts suppliers like Green Part Store.
– Individual components of the bagger system, such as the chute attaching strap kit (part number M67099KIT), are also available separately.

6. Considerations:
– Ensure you’re purchasing the correct bagger kit specifically designed for the Z335E with a 42-inch deck.
– Professional installation might be recommended if you’re not comfortable with mechanical work.

John Deere Z335e Battery

1. Battery Specifications:
– The Z335E uses a 12-volt battery
– The battery for the 42″ Accel Deep Deck model has the part number TY25878

2. Maintenance Tips:
– Keep the battery fully charged, especially before winter storage
– A fully charged battery should have a resting voltage of 12.60V-12.80V
– Batteries below 70% state of charge may have difficulty starting in cold weather

3. Winter Storage:
– If storing the mower for winter, ensure the battery is fully charged
– Consider disconnecting the negative ground cable to prevent discharge
– A trickle charger can be used to maintain charge if the battery remains connected

4. Charging:
– Use a good quality battery charger to maintain the battery
– John Deere recommends specific chargers for their equipment

5. Temperature Considerations:
– Cold temperatures reduce battery performance
– A fully charged battery won’t freeze until temperatures drop below -80°F
– A discharged battery can freeze at much higher temperatures (around +5°F)

6. Replacement:
– When replacing the battery, ensure you use one with the correct specifications for the Z335E
– The original battery can be purchased from John Deere dealers or authorized parts suppliers

Remember to follow proper safety procedures when handling or servicing the battery. Regular maintenance and proper storage can significantly extend the life of your Z335E’s battery.

John Deere Z335e Reviews

1. Mixed Overall Reception:
The John Deere Z335E has received mixed reviews, with an average rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars from 6 genuine reviews on

2. Positive Experiences:
– One user reported excellent durability, with 275 hours of daily use over three years without major issues, praising it as a “great great mower”.
– Another reviewer called it a “great investment,” noting it halved their mowing time and performed well even on extremely high weeds.

3. Negative Experiences:
– Several users reported quality and reliability issues:
– One user experienced repeated spring breakages on the belt tensioner within the first 21 hours of use.
– Another reported poor cutting quality and uneven results.
– Issues with fuel filter quality were mentioned, leading to expensive repairs.
– One reviewer had problems with control arm failure and fuel pickup disintegration within the first year.

4. Assembly and Parts Issues:
A new owner reported missing or incorrect parts in attachments, vague assembly instructions, and difficulty getting support from John Deere Australia[1].

5. Price Concerns:
Some reviewers felt the mower was overpriced for its quality.

6. Comparison:
In a video comparison between the Z335E and Z530M models, the differences between these residential zero-turn mowers were highlighted, suggesting potential buyers should carefully consider which model best suits their needs.

While some users have had positive experiences with the Z335E, praising its efficiency and durability, others have encountered significant quality and reliability issues. Potential buyers should weigh these mixed reviews carefully and consider their specific needs and budget when deciding on this mower.

John Deere Z335e Accessories

1. Mulch Control Kit (BM24794)
– This kit allows you to switch between mulching and side discharge modes.

2. Bagging Kit for 42″ deck (GX25668)
– Enables collection of grass clippings for a cleaner lawn appearance.

3. Side Discharge Kit for 42″ deck (M170639)
– Allows for side discharge of grass clippings.

4. Mulching Kit for 42″ deck (M170642)
– Enhances mulching capabilities for finer clippings and better nutrient return to the lawn.

5. Mower Deck Leveling Gauge (AM130907)
– Helps ensure proper deck leveling for an even cut.

6. Grease Gun (TY26517)
– Useful for lubricating various parts of the mower.

7. Battery (TY25878)
– Replacement battery specifically for the 42″ Accel Deep Deck model.

8. Fuel Cap (GX23465)
– Replacement fuel cap if needed.

9. Ignition Switch (TCA22740)
– Replacement ignition switch.

10. Gauge Wheel (GX10168)
– Replacement wheel for the mower deck.

These accessories can enhance the functionality and maintenance of your John Deere Z335E ZTrak mower. When purchasing accessories, always ensure they are compatible with your specific model and year of the Z335E. It’s also advisable to consult with an authorized John Deere dealer for the most up-to-date information on available accessories and their compatibility.

John Deere Z335e Belt Replacement

1. Types of Belts:
– The Z335E has two main belts:
1. Mower deck belt (part number GX25628)
2. Traction drive belt (transmission belt)

2. Mower Deck Belt Replacement:
– A video guide is available showing how to replace the mower deck belt on a Z335E[2].
– Aftermarket replacement belts are available, such as the Pro Parts Place OEM SPEC belt compatible with GX25628.

3. Traction Drive Belt Replacement:
– There’s a video tutorial demonstrating how to replace the drive belt on a Z335E without removing the mower deck[1].
– The genuine John Deere traction drive belt is available for purchase.

4. Belt Quality and Durability:
– Some users report good experiences with aftermarket belts, noting they fit well and are more affordable than OEM parts.
– However, there are also reports of aftermarket belts breaking quickly. One user mentioned a replacement belt breaking within a week, while the original OEM belt lasted 18 months.

5. Installation Tips:
– Ensure proper routing of the belt when replacing it.
– If the belt keeps coming off after replacement, check for proper tension and alignment.

6. Purchasing Options:
– Replacement belts are available from various sources, including Amazon and eBay.
– Prices for aftermarket belts are often lower than OEM parts, but quality may vary.

When replacing belts on your John Deere Z335E, consider the trade-off between cost and potential durability. While aftermarket options can save money, OEM parts may offer better longevity. Always ensure you’re using the correct belt size and type for your specific model.

John Deere Z335e Deck

1. Deck Size and Type:
– The Z335E features a 42-inch Accel Deep™ mower deck

2. Deck Belt:
– The mower deck belt part number is GX25628
– Belt specifications: Length = 3013.1 mm, Thickness = 10 mm, Width = 12.7 mm

3. Deck Maintenance:
– A mower deck leveling gauge (part number AM130907) is available for proper deck adjustment

4. Deck Accessories:
– Mulch Control Kit (BM24794 or BUC10704) is available for enhanced mulching capabilities
– Side Discharge Kit for 42″ deck (M170639)
– Mulching Kit for 42″ deck (M170642)
– Bagging Kit for 42″ deck (GX25668)

5. Deck Components:
– Mower blades: Part number UC21583
– Gauge wheel: Part number GX10168

6. Deck Removal and Belt Replacement:
– Video guides are available showing how to remove the deck and replace the mower deck belt

7. Deck Adjustment:
– The operator’s manual likely contains instructions for leveling and adjusting the deck

8. Deck Cleaning:
– The Z335E typically includes a wash port for easy deck cleaning, though this wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the search results

Remember to consult your operator’s manual for specific instructions on deck maintenance, adjustment, and part replacement. Regular maintenance of the deck, including proper belt tension and blade sharpness, is crucial for optimal mowing performance.

John Deere Z335e Deck Belt

1. Part Number:
The mower deck belt part number is GX25628.

2. Belt Specifications:
– Length: 3013.1 mm
– Thickness: 10 mm
– Width: 12.7 mm

3. Replacement:
– There’s a video guide available showing how to replace the mower deck belt on a Z335E.
– The belt can be replaced without removing the entire mower deck.

4. Purchasing Options:
– The belt is available through authorized John Deere dealers and parts suppliers.
– Aftermarket replacement belts compatible with the GX25628 are also available.

5. Maintenance:
– Regular inspection and replacement of the deck belt is important for optimal mower performance.
– The belt should be checked for wear and proper tension as part of routine maintenance.

6. Installation Tool:
– There’s a mention of a belt installation tool for the Z335E, which can assist in the replacement process.

7. Diagram:
– The replacement parts guide (PDF) includes a diagram showing the location of the mower deck belt.

When replacing the deck belt on your John Deere Z335E, ensure you use the correct part number (GX25628) or a compatible aftermarket equivalent. Proper installation and tension are crucial for the belt’s performance and longevity.

John Deere Z335e Deck Lift Cable

1. Cable Assembly: The search results mention a “cable trudgen assembly” being replaced on a Z335E, which could be related to the deck lift mechanism.

2. Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of cables, including the deck lift cable, is important for proper mower operation.

3. Replacement: If the deck lift cable needs replacement, it’s best to consult the operator’s manual or contact an authorized John Deere dealer for the correct part number and installation instructions.

4. Related Components: The deck lift system typically includes cables, springs, and linkages that work together to raise and lower the mower deck.

5. Troubleshooting: If you’re experiencing issues with the deck lift, it could be due to a worn or damaged cable, misadjusted linkage, or problems with related components.

6. Professional Service: For complex repairs involving the deck lift system, it may be advisable to seek assistance from a qualified technician or John Deere dealer.

John Deere Z335e Air Filter

1. Part Number:
The air filter part number for the John Deere Z335E is MIU14395.

2. Replacement Interval:
The air filter should be replaced every 100/200 hours of operation.

3. Maintenance Importance:
Regular air filter maintenance is crucial for:
– Maintaining engine performance
– Ensuring efficient fuel consumption
– Preventing dirt and debris from entering and damaging the engine

4. Replacement Procedure:
While not specific to the Z335E, a general air filter replacement process typically involves:
– Clearing debris from the air intake area
– Removing the old paper element and foam pre-cleaner
– Cleaning the foam pre-cleaner (if reusable) or replacing it
– Installing a new paper air filter element
– Reassembling the air filter housing

5. Additional Considerations:
– For those who mow in dusty conditions or maintain large properties, more frequent air filter replacements may be necessary.
– Always consult the operator’s manual for specific instructions on air filter replacement for your model.

6. Part of Regular Maintenance:
Air filter replacement is included in the regular maintenance schedule for the John Deere Z335E, along with other critical maintenance tasks like oil changes and spark plug replacements.

Remember to always use the correct part number (MIU14395) when ordering a replacement air filter for your John Deere Z335E ZTrak mower to ensure proper fit and function.

John Deere Z335e Spark Plug

1. Part Number:
The spark plug part number for the John Deere Z335E is MIU11020.

2. Replacement Interval:
The spark plug should be replaced every 100/200 hours of operation.

3. Maintenance Schedule:
Spark plug replacement is part of the regular maintenance schedule for the Z335E, along with other tasks like oil changes and air filter replacements.

4. Importance:
Regular spark plug maintenance is crucial for:
– Ensuring proper engine ignition
– Maintaining fuel efficiency
– Optimizing engine performance

5. Service Kit:
The spark plug is typically included in full service kits available for the Z335E, such as the one mentioned in the YouTube video (Part# LG276).

6. DIY Maintenance:
Spark plug replacement is generally considered a task that can be performed by the owner, as part of regular DIY maintenance.

7. Additional Considerations:
– Always use the correct spark plug (MIU11020) to ensure proper fit and performance.
– When replacing the spark plug, it’s a good opportunity to check for signs of engine issues, such as oil fouling or unusual deposits on the old plug.
– Proper gapping of the new spark plug is important for optimal performance.