John Deere S240 Parts and Parts Manual PDF

John Deere S240 Parts

The John Deere S240 is a versatile lawn tractor designed for residential use. With a powerful engine, typically a 17.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine, it offers reliable performance for mowing tasks.

Its hydrostatic transmission provides smooth operation and easy speed control, while its 42-inch mower deck ensures efficient cutting. The S240 boasts comfortable seating and ergonomic controls for user convenience during extended use.

It’s suitable for medium-sized lawns and offers optional attachments for added versatility, such as bagging or mulching kits.

John Deere S240 Specs

  1. Engine: Typically equipped with a 17.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine.
  2. Transmission: Hydrostatic transmission for smooth operation and easy speed control.
  3. Mower Deck: 42-inch mower deck for efficient cutting.
  4. Steering: Sector and pinion steering system.
  5. Seat: Comfortable seat with back support.
  6. Controls: Ergonomic controls for user convenience.
  7. Fuel Capacity: Typically holds around 2.1 gallons of fuel.
  8. Optional Attachments: Compatible with various attachments such as bagging or mulching kits.
  9. Warranty: Comes with a standard warranty from John Deere, typically covering defects in materials and workmanship for a certain period.

John Deere S240 Parts List

  1. Engine parts (e.g., air filters, oil filters, spark plugs)
  2. Mower deck parts (e.g., blades, belts, pulleys)
  3. Steering components (e.g., steering wheel, steering linkage)
  4. Transmission parts (e.g., hydrostatic transmission components)
  5. Electrical components (e.g., battery, starter, alternator)
  6. Seat and seat components
  7. Tires and wheels
  8. Fuel system parts (e.g., fuel filter, fuel pump)
  9. Chassis and frame components
  10. Optional attachments and accessories (e.g., bagging kits, mulching kits)

John Deere S240 Parts Diagram

The John Deere S240 lawn tractor has several parts diagrams available to help identify and order replacement parts.The most comprehensive parts diagram can be found on the Weingartz website.

This diagram provides a detailed illustration of the various components and assemblies that make up the S240 tractor, including the engine, mower deck, electrical system, and more.

Users can click on specific parts to see part numbers and descriptions.Additional parts information is available on the John Deere website. 

This includes a replacement parts guide with exploded views and part numbers for the S240 tractor with a 42-inch Accel Deep mower deck. The Green Farm Parts website also has a John Deere S240 maintenance guide that includes parts information and common replacement components for this model.

Service Schedule Parts

Yearly or Every 50 Hours (Whichever Comes First)

  • Filters
  • Oil
  • Spark plugs

Yearly or Every 100 Hours (Whichever Comes First)

  • Belts
  • Blades
  • Other common maintenance parts

John Deere S240 Mower Deck Parts

  1. Blades: Cutting blades responsible for cutting grass.
  2. Belts: Drive belts that transmit power from the engine to the mower deck.
  3. Pulleys: Pulleys guide the belts and provide tension for proper operation.
  4. Spindles: Spindles are the shafts onto which the blades are mounted.
  5. Deck housing: The main structure of the mower deck that houses the blades and other components.
  6. Wheels: Some mower decks may have wheels to help with maneuverability.
  7. Idlers: Idler pulleys help maintain tension on the belts.
  8. Skid plates or anti-scalp wheels: These prevent the mower deck from scalping the ground or hitting obstacles.

John Deere S240 Reviews

The S240 is generally viewed as a decent and capable lawn tractor, though there are some mixed opinions on certain aspects:


  • The S240 is considered an upgrade from the base D155 model, with a more powerful Kawasaki engine, better transmission, and electric PTO.
  • It is well-suited for yards around 1 acre with some slopes, providing good performance and reliability.
  • Initial user reviews praise the easy operation and quality of performance.


  • Some users feel the gas tank is too small and the seat lacks comfort/absorption.
  • A few reviewers don’t consider the S240 to provide a particularly comfortable ride.

In summary, the John Deere S240 seems to be a solid mid-range lawn tractor option, with a good balance of power, features, and performance for yards around 1 acre.

While not perfect, it generally receives positive reviews from owners, though comfort and fuel capacity are noted as potential downsides by some users.

John Deere S240 Manual

You can find the John Deere S240 Operator’s Manual on the official John Deere website or by contacting an authorized John Deere dealer. The Operator’s Manual provides important information regarding the operation, maintenance, and safety precautions for the S240 lawn tractor.

Here are the general steps to find the manual on the John Deere website:

  1. Visit the John Deere website.
  2. Navigate to the “Support” or “Manuals” section.
  3. Enter “S240” or the specific model number of your tractor in the search bar.
  4. Look for the Operator’s Manual in the search results and download it.

Alternatively, you can contact a local John Deere dealer and request a copy of the Operator’s Manual for the S240 lawn tractor. They can provide you with the manual or direct you to the appropriate resources for obtaining it.

Sections :

  1. Introduction: Provides an overview of the manual’s contents and instructions on how to use the manual effectively.
  2. Safety: Emphasizes important safety precautions and guidelines for operating the S240 lawn tractor safely. This section may include topics such as proper attire, handling of fuels and chemicals, and general safety practices.
  3. Operating Controls: Describes the location and function of all the controls, levers, and switches on the tractor, including the steering wheel, throttle, brake, and mower engagement.
  4. Operating Procedures: Covers step-by-step instructions for starting, operating, and stopping the lawn tractor. This section may also include guidance on adjusting the cutting height and using optional attachments.
  5. Maintenance and Service: Provides maintenance schedules, procedures, and guidelines for keeping the S240 lawn tractor in optimal condition. This includes tasks such as checking fluid levels, lubricating components, and replacing filters and blades.
  6. Troubleshooting: Offers troubleshooting tips and solutions for common issues that may arise during operation. This section helps users diagnose and resolve problems with their lawn tractor.
  7. Specifications: Lists technical specifications, dimensions, and capacities for the S240 lawn tractor, such as engine specifications, tire sizes, and fuel tank capacity.
  8. Warranty Information: Outlines the warranty coverage provided by John Deere for the S240 lawn tractor, including warranty periods and terms of coverage.
  9. Index: Provides an alphabetical index of topics and keywords to help users quickly locate specific information within the manual.

John Deere S240 Problems

Common Problems :

  1. Starting Issues: Some users have experienced difficulties starting the engine, which could be due to various factors such as a weak battery, fuel system issues, or problems with the ignition system.
  2. Transmission Problems: Occasional issues with the hydrostatic transmission, such as difficulty shifting gears or loss of power, have been reported by some users.
  3. Mower Deck Issues: Problems with the mower deck, including uneven cutting, belt slipping, or deck vibration, may occur over time and with heavy use.
  4. Engine Performance: Users have occasionally reported issues with engine performance, such as stalling, loss of power, or rough idling, which could be related to fuel quality, maintenance, or other factors.
  5. Electrical Problems: Some users have experienced electrical issues, such as problems with the ignition system, wiring, or battery charging, which may require troubleshooting and repair.
  6. Tire Wear: Premature tire wear or damage to tires have been reported by some users, which could be caused by improper inflation, alignment issues, or rough terrain.
  7. Belt Wear and Tension: Belts on the mower deck or transmission may wear out over time or become loose, leading to reduced performance or functionality.

John Deere S240 Bagger

The John Deere S240 lawn tractor is compatible with a bagger attachment, which allows users to collect grass clippings while mowing. The bagger attachment typically consists of a collection system that includes bags or containers to hold the grass clippings, along with a chute or tube that directs the clippings from the mower deck into the bags.

Here are some key points about the bagger attachment for the John Deere S240:

  1. Benefits: Using a bagger attachment can help maintain a tidy lawn by collecting grass clippings, leaves, and other debris. It can also be useful for lawn care tasks such as mulching or composting.
  2. Installation: The bagger attachment is typically installed onto the mower deck of the John Deere S240 using mounting brackets and hardware provided with the attachment. Installation instructions are usually included with the bagger kit.
  3. Capacity: The bagger attachment for the S240 may come with one or more bags, depending on the specific model. The capacity of the bags can vary, but they are typically designed to hold a significant amount of grass clippings before needing to be emptied.
  4. Emptying: When the bags are full, they can be easily removed from the mower deck and emptied. Some bagger attachments feature a quick-release mechanism for easy removal and reattachment.
  5. Compatibility: It’s important to ensure that the bagger attachment is compatible with your specific model of the John Deere S240 lawn tractor. Compatibility information can usually be found in the product specifications or by consulting with a John Deere dealer.
  6. Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the bagger attachment, such as cleaning the bags and inspecting for damage, can help ensure optimal performance and longevity.

John Deere S240 Attachments

Common attachments available for the John Deere S240:

  1. Bagger Attachment: Allows users to collect grass clippings while mowing, keeping the lawn tidy.
  2. Mulching Kit: Converts the mower deck into a mulching system, chopping grass clippings into fine particles that are returned to the lawn as natural fertilizer.
  3. Snow Blade: Attaches to the front of the tractor to push snow, making it suitable for snow removal in winter.
  4. Snow Blower: An alternative to the snow blade, the snow blower attachment is used to blow snow away from driveways and pathways.
  5. Front Blade: Similar to the snow blade but can also be used for leveling soil or moving loose materials.
  6. Utility Cart: Attaches to the rear hitch of the tractor for hauling garden supplies, tools, or other materials around the yard.
  7. Broadcast Spreader: Spreads seeds, fertilizer, or other granular materials evenly over the lawn.
  8. Sprayer: Attaches to the tractor to apply liquid fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides to the lawn or garden.
  9. Leaf Blower: Blows leaves and debris from driveways, pathways, or other areas around the yard.
  10. Sunshade: Provides shade for the operator during hot, sunny days while mowing.
  11. Lawn Roller: Used for smoothing out uneven terrain or compacting soil after seeding.
  12. Lawn Sweeper: Picks up leaves, grass clippings, or other debris from the lawn.

John Deere S220 v S240

Comparison of the key differences between the John Deere S220 and S240 lawn tractors:Engine Power:

  • The S220 has a more powerful 22 hp engine, while the S240 has an 18.5 hp engine.

Cutting Width:

  • The S220 has a 42-inch Accel Deep mower deck, while the S240 offers a choice of 42-inch or 48-inch Edge mower decks.


  • The S220 has a TLT200 hydrostatic, two-wheel drive transaxle, while the S240 has a heavier-duty K46 hydrostatic transmission integrated with the transaxle.

Forward Speed:

  • Both have a maximum forward speed of 5.5 mph, though the S240 can reach up to 8.9 km/h (5.5 mph).

Other Key Differences:

  • The S240 has an easy-read fuel gauge, while the S220 does not.
  • The S240 is slightly longer and wider than the S220.

In summary, the key differences are the S220’s more powerful engine, the S240’s optional 48-inch deck, and the S240’s heavier-duty hydrostatic transmission. The S240 also has some additional convenience features like the fuel gauge.

John Deere S240 Oil Capacity, Oil Filter, Oil Change.

Oil Capacity:

  • The S240 has a Kawasaki 21.5 hp V-twin engine, which typically requires around 1.5-2 quarts of oil for an oil change.

Oil Filter:

  • The correct oil filter for the S240 is the John Deere part number AM125424.
  • This filter can be purchased from John Deere dealers or online retailers like Amazon.

Oil Change Procedure:

  • To change the oil, you’ll need to drain the old oil, replace the filter, and refill with new oil.
  • Recommended oil is a 10W-30 conventional or synthetic blend, per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • The John Deere Turf-Guard 10W-30 oil is a common choice for the S240.
  • The oil change interval is typically yearly or every 100 hours of use, whichever comes first.

Oil Type

The recommended oil type for the John Deere S240 lawn tractor is:10W-30 conventional or synthetic blend engine oil.

The key details are:

  • The S240 has a Kawasaki 21.5 hp V-twin engine that typically requires 1.5-2 quarts of oil.
  • John Deere recommends using a 10W-30 engine oil, either conventional or a synthetic blend.
  • The John Deere Turf-Guard 10W-30 oil is a common recommended choice for the S240.
  • Avoiding full synthetic oil is sometimes recommended, though some users have had success with it as well

John Deere S240 Battery

The John Deere S240 requires a single 12V 35AH battery, specifically the SP12-35 NB model.

John Deere S240 Blades

  1. Size: The blades are designed to fit a 42-inch mower deck, which is the standard deck size for the John Deere S240.
  2. Material: John Deere mower blades are typically made of high-quality steel to ensure durability and longevity, even under tough mowing conditions.
  3. Design: The blades feature a specific design optimized for cutting grass efficiently and producing a clean, even cut. This design may include features such as a curved shape, serrated edges, or airflow enhancements to improve cutting performance.
  4. Replacement: It’s important to replace mower blades periodically to maintain optimal cutting performance. John Deere recommends inspecting and sharpening or replacing the blades as needed, typically at the beginning of each mowing season or after a certain number of hours of use.
  5. Installation: Installing new mower blades on the John Deere S240 is a straightforward process. It usually involves removing the mower deck, accessing the blades, and replacing them with new ones according to the instructions provided in the operator’s manual.
  6. Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the mower blades, such as cleaning, sharpening, and balancing, is essential for ensuring efficient cutting and prolonging blade life. Sharpening can be done using a blade grinder or a sharpening file.

John Deere S240 48 Inch Deck

The John Deere S240 lawn tractor typically comes equipped with a 42-inch mower deck as its standard configuration. However, if you’re interested in a 48-inch mower deck for your John Deere S240, it’s possible to find aftermarket options or attachments that may be compatible.

  1. Compatibility: Before purchasing a 48-inch mower deck for your S240, it’s important to ensure compatibility with your specific tractor model. Not all aftermarket decks or attachments may be compatible with the S240, so be sure to check with the manufacturer or a John Deere dealer to confirm compatibility.
  2. Features: A 48-inch mower deck offers a wider cutting swath compared to the standard 42-inch deck, allowing you to cover more ground in fewer passes. This can be advantageous for mowing larger lawns or fields more efficiently.
  3. Installation: Installing a 48-inch mower deck on the John Deere S240 may require some modifications or adjustments to ensure proper fit and functionality. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully during installation to avoid any issues.
  4. Performance: A larger mower deck may require more power to operate effectively, so it’s important to consider the capabilities of your S240 lawn tractor. Ensure that your tractor’s engine and transmission can handle the increased workload of a 48-inch deck.
  5. Maintenance: Like any mower deck, regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes cleaning, sharpening or replacing blades, and checking for any wear or damage to the deck components.

John Deere S240 42 Inch Deck

  1. Cutting Width: The 42-inch mower deck provides a cutting width of 42 inches, allowing you to cover a significant area of grass with each pass.
  2. Efficiency: The 42-inch deck is designed for efficiency, providing a balance between cutting width and maneuverability. It’s suitable for medium-sized lawns and offers efficient mowing performance.
  3. Versatility: The 42-inch deck is versatile and can handle a variety of mowing conditions, including flat terrain, slopes, and tight spaces. It’s equipped to handle standard grass cutting as well as optional tasks like mulching or bagging with additional attachments.
  4. Durability: John Deere mower decks are constructed from durable materials to withstand the rigors of regular mowing. Proper maintenance, such as cleaning and blade sharpening, can help prolong the life of the mower deck.
  5. Compatibility: The 42-inch mower deck is specifically designed to fit the John Deere S240 lawn tractor. It’s important to use genuine John Deere parts and accessories or compatible aftermarket options to ensure proper fit and performance.
  6. Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the mower deck is essential to ensure optimal performance. This includes cleaning the deck after each use, inspecting for damage, and sharpening or replacing blades as needed.

John Deere  s240 v x350

Here’s a comparison of these two models:

  1. Engine:
    • John Deere S240: Typically equipped with a 17.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine.
    • John Deere X350: Equipped with a more powerful 18.5 horsepower Kawasaki engine.
  2. Mower Deck:
    • John Deere S240: Comes with a 42-inch mower deck as standard.
    • John Deere X350: Offers multiple deck sizes, including 42-inch, 48-inch, and 54-inch options, providing more versatility for different lawn sizes and mowing preferences.
  3. Transmission:
    • John Deere S240: Typically features a hydrostatic transmission, providing smooth operation and easy speed control.
    • John Deere X350: Also features a hydrostatic transmission with the additional option of the Twin Touch™ automatic transmission for effortless speed and direction changes.
  4. Frame and Chassis:
    • John Deere S240: Features a sturdy frame suitable for residential use.
    • John Deere X350: Built with a heavier-duty frame and chassis, offering enhanced durability and performance, making it suitable for larger properties or more demanding tasks.
  5. Comfort and Convenience:
    • John Deere S240: Provides a comfortable seat and ergonomic controls for user convenience during mowing tasks.
    • John Deere X350: Offers additional comfort features such as a high-back seat, tilt steering, and cruise control, providing a more comfortable and ergonomic riding experience.
  6. Price:
    • John Deere S240: Typically comes at a lower price point compared to the X350, making it a more budget-friendly option for homeowners with smaller lawns.
    • John Deere X350: Generally priced higher due to its larger engine, additional features, and heavier-duty construction.

John Deere S240 Dimensions

  1. Length: Approximately 70-75 inches (177.8 – 190.5 cm)
  2. Width (without mower deck): Approximately 38-42 inches (96.5 – 106.7 cm)
  3. Height (with ROPS upright): Approximately 45-50 inches (114.3 – 127 cm)
  4. Wheelbase: Approximately 48-52 inches (121.9 – 132.1 cm)
  5. Weight: Approximately 440-500 pounds (200 – 227 kg) without attachments

John Deere S240 Engine

Engine Manufacturer/Model:

  • The S240 is equipped with a Kawasaki FS600V gasoline 2-cylinder air-cooled vertical-shaft V-Twin engine.

Engine Displacement:

  • The engine displacement is 603 cc (36.8 ci).

Engine Power:

  • The engine produces 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) of gross power.

Other Engine Details:

  • It has a bore and stroke of 2.87 x 2.84 inches (73 x 72 mm).
  • The compression ratio is 8.1:1.
  • It uses a carburetor fuel system and has an electric starter.
  • The recommended spark plug gap is 0.030 inches (0.762 mm).
  • The engine oil capacity is 1.8 quarts (1.7 L) and the oil change interval is 100 hours.

John Deere S240 Owners Manual

Sections :

  1. Engine Specifications
  • The manual would likely include details on the Kawasaki FS600V 18.5 hp V-twin engine, such as displacement, bore/stroke, compression ratio, fuel system, and more.
  1. Transmission and Drivetrain
  • Information on the K46 heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission and two-wheel drive system.
  1. Mower Deck Options
  • Details on the available 42-inch and 48-inch Accel Deep mower decks, including cutting height adjustments.
  1. Maintenance Schedule
  • Guidance on the recommended oil change interval of 100 hours, as well as instructions for changing the oil, filters, and spark plugs.

    5.Safety and Operation

  • Instructions for safe operation, controls, and features like the easy-read fuel gauge.
  1. Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Guidance on diagnosing issues and performing basic repairs or maintenance on the S240.

John Deere S240 v x330

John Deere S240:

  • Engine: Typically equipped with a 17.5-horsepower engine, offering sufficient power for typical residential lawn care needs.
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic transmission, providing smooth and easy operation. It doesn’t require shifting, making it user-friendly.
  • Cutting Deck: Usually comes with a 42-inch cutting deck, suitable for small to medium-sized lawns.
  • Turning Radius: The S240 typically has a tighter turning radius compared to larger models, making it easier to maneuver around obstacles and in tighter spaces.
  • Comfort: Designed with comfort features like a high-back seat and ergonomic controls for a more pleasant user experience during long mowing sessions.
  • Suitability: Ideal for homeowners with smaller to medium-sized lawns who prioritize ease of use and maneuverability.

John Deere X330:

  • Engine: Typically features a more powerful engine, around 20-22 horsepower, providing extra torque and performance for larger lawns and tougher mowing conditions.
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic transmission, similar to the S240, ensuring smooth operation without the need for manual shifting.
  • Cutting Deck: Available with a wider range of cutting deck sizes, typically ranging from 42 to 54 inches, catering to various lawn sizes and mowing preferences.
  • Turning Radius: While still maneuverable, the X330 may have a slightly larger turning radius compared to the S240 due to its larger size and deck options.
  • Comfort: Offers enhanced comfort features such as adjustable seats, padded armrests, and a more ergonomic design, suitable for longer mowing sessions.
  • Suitability: Suited for homeowners with larger lawns or more demanding mowing tasks who require extra power and versatility.