Makita Power Tools – A Buyers Guide

In the realm of power tools, one name stands out as a symbol of quality, innovation, and reliability – Makita. With a legacy spanning over a century, Makita has firmly established itself as a global leader in power tool manufacturing.

From construction sites to DIY enthusiasts’ workshops, Makita power tools are the go-to choice for those seeking precision, power, and durability. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Makita power tools, exploring their history, most popular types, and the reasons behind their enduring popularity.

A Brief History of Makita

Makita Corporation, founded in Nagoya, Japan in 1915, started as a small motor sales and repair company. In the early days, Makita was known for its pioneering work on electric motors, which were just starting to gain popularity at the time. This dedication to motor technology laid the foundation for what would become one of the world’s most respected power tool manufacturers.

The 1950s marked a significant turning point in Makita’s history when they introduced their first electric planer, an innovative product that revolutionized woodworking. From that point on, Makita expanded its product line, continuously improving its tools’ performance and functionality.

Makita’s relentless commitment to quality and innovation has earned them numerous awards and recognition over the years. They have also been at the forefront of developing cordless power tools, which have become an industry standard for their portability and convenience.

Makita’s Most Popular Types of Power Tools

Makita Cordless Drills and Impact Drivers:

Makita’s cordless drills and impact drivers are widely regarded for their power and efficiency. The LXT Series, in particular, features a range of cordless tools powered by lithium-ion batteries.

These tools are known for their long-lasting battery life and impressive torque. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a homeowner tackling a DIY project, Makita cordless drills and impact drivers are essential companions for tasks like drilling, fastening, and driving screws.

Makita Circular Saws:

Makita’s circular saws are prized for their precision and cutting power. Equipped with high-quality blades and powerful motors, these saws can handle a variety of materials, from wood to metal. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes them user-friendly and ideal for making precise cuts, especially for professionals in the woodworking and construction industries.

Makita Angle Grinders:

Makita angle grinders are the go-to choice for metalworkers and masons. These tools are known for their durability and robust performance. They can tackle tasks such as cutting, grinding, and polishing with ease. Safety features, including anti-kickback technology, ensure a secure and controlled operation.

Makita Jigsaws:

Makita’s jigsaws are known for their precision cutting and versatility. They are essential for curved and intricate cuts in various materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic. The variable speed control and orbital action settings provide users with the flexibility needed to complete different types of projects accurately.

Makita Reciprocating Saws:

For demolition and rough cutting tasks, Makita’s reciprocating saws are a top choice. These saws can power through wood, metal, and plastics with ease. They are highly efficient for cutting in tight spaces and are popular among construction professionals and rescue teams.

Makita Router Kits:

Makita router kits offer precision and control for woodworking projects. They feature variable speed control and soft start technology, making them suitable for a wide range of routing tasks, from creating decorative edges to hollowing out an area in a workpiece.

Makita Rotary Hammers:

Makita rotary hammers are designed for heavy-duty drilling in concrete, masonry, and other tough materials. They feature vibration-absorbing technology to reduce user fatigue during extended use, making them an ideal choice for professionals in the construction and renovation industries.

Makita Miter Saws:

Makita miter saws are prized for their accuracy and ease of use. They are essential for making precise crosscuts and miter cuts in various materials, such as wood, aluminum, and PVC. The advanced features, including laser guides and sliding functionality, enhance their usability for both professionals and hobbyists.

Makita Planers:

Makita’s electric planers continue the legacy that started the company over a century ago. These planers are widely used in woodworking for achieving smooth surfaces and precise thicknesses. Their powerful motors and high-quality blades ensure a seamless planning process.

Makita Nailers and Staplers:

For carpenters and construction professionals, Makita offers a range of nailers and staplers designed for fastening tasks. These tools are known for their reliability, ease of use, and consistent performance.

What Sets Makita Power Tools Apart?

  1. Durability: Makita power tools are engineered to withstand the rigors of professional use. The materials used in their construction, the quality of the components, and the rigorous testing they undergo ensure they can withstand tough conditions and deliver long-lasting performance.
  2. Innovation: Makita has a history of pushing the boundaries of power tool technology. They were pioneers in the development of cordless tools and continue to innovate with features like brushless motors, anti-vibration technology, and smart technology integration.
  3. Ergonomics: Makita prioritizes user comfort and safety. Their power tools often feature ergonomic designs, anti-vibration systems, and user-friendly controls, making them easier to use for extended periods without fatigue.
  4. Lithium-Ion Batteries: The introduction of the LXT Series with lithium-ion batteries has been a game-changer for cordless tools. These batteries provide longer run times, faster charging, and less self-discharge, ensuring the tools are ready when you need them.
  5. Versatility: Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, Makita’s wide range of tools caters to various needs, allowing you to complete tasks efficiently and accurately.
  6. Safety: Makita incorporates safety features into their tools, such as electric brakes, anti-kickback technology, and overload protection, to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure user safety.


Makita power tools have earned their reputation as dependable, high-performance tools for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With their commitment to innovation, durability, and user comfort, Makita continues to be a leading force in the power tool industry.

Whether it’s a cordless drill for precise drilling, a circular saw for clean cuts, or an angle grinder for heavy-duty grinding, Makita power tools offer a solution for every project. Over a century of excellence speaks to the enduring popularity of Makita tools, making them a trusted choice for anyone seeking the perfect blend of power and precision in their work.