John Deere x758 Parts

John Deere x758 Parts and Parts Manual PDF

John Deere x758 Parts

The John Deere X758 is a premium lawn tractor designed for residential use. Here are the key details about this model:

– 24 HP 3-cylinder diesel Yanmar engine
– Full-time 4-wheel drive with power steering
– Hydrostatic transmission with Twin Touch forward/reverse pedals
– Available with 48″, 54″ or 60″ mower deck sizes
– Power lift system for raising/lowering mower deck
– Heavy-duty all-purpose tires

– Cruise control for consistent mowing speed
– Deluxe comfort seat with armrests
– Triple bag power flow grass collection system available
– 4-year/700-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty

The X758 is part of John Deere’s top X700 Signature Series of lawn tractors, designed for larger property owners who want a heavy-duty, high-performance mowing solution with diesel power and 4-wheel drive capability.

New models start around $15,000 MSRP, but well-maintained used units can be found for $10,000-$12,000.

John Deere x758 Specs

The John Deere X758 is a premium residential lawn tractor with the following key specifications:

– 24 HP 3-cylinder diesel Yanmar engine
– 993cc displacement
– 5.2 gallon fuel tank capacity

– Hydrostatic transmission
– Full-time 4-wheel drive
– Power steering
– Twin Touch forward/reverse foot pedals

Mower Decks
– Available with 48″, 54″ or 60″ mower deck sizes
– Accel Deep or high-capacity mower deck construction

Other Specs
– Power lift system for raising/lowering mower deck
– Heavy-duty all-purpose tires (26×12-12 rear, 18×8.5-10 front)
– Wheelbase of 54.5 inches
– Weight of 1,038 lbs
– 540 rpm rear PTO
– Independent front PTO
– Electro-hydraulic clutch

The X758 comes with a 4-year/700-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty and is part of John Deere’s top Signature Series lawn tractor line designed for larger residential properties.

John Deere x758 Parts Manual

The John Deere X758 tractor has a dedicated parts catalog manual available for purchase or download. Here are the key details about this manual:

The official John Deere X758 Tractor Parts Catalog Manual provides comprehensive exploded view diagrams and part numbers for servicing and maintaining the X758 lawn tractor.

Manual Contents
– Detailed parts breakdowns for the entire machine
– Exploded view diagrams for all major assemblies
– OEM John Deere part numbers for ordering replacements
– Covers engine, drivetrain, mower decks, electrical, and all other systems

– Can be purchased new as a printed manual from John Deere dealers and third-party vendors
– Pricing is typically $100-$200 for a new printed parts catalog
– Some vendors offer downloadable PDF versions for lower cost
– Used printed manuals are also available on the secondary market

Having the official X758 parts manual is invaluable for owners who need to properly identify and order genuine John Deere service parts and components for maintenance, repairs or upgrades on their tractor.

It provides the manufacturer’s authoritative parts information directly from the source.

John Deere x758 Parts List

Here is a detailed parts list for the John Deere X758 lawn tractor:

– Air filter
– Oil filter
– Fuel filter
– Spark plugs
– Alternator belt
– Water pump

– Transmission oil filter
– Hydraulic filters
– Drive belts
– Brake pads
– Axle bearings

Mower Decks
– Blades (48″, 54″, 60″ sizes)
– Blade spindles
– Deck drive belts
– Deck idler pulleys
– Deck lift linkages

– Battery
– Starter motor
– Alternator
– Wiring harnesses
– Instrument cluster

– Tires (front 18×8.5-10, rear 26×12-12)
– Seat assembly
– Hood/fenders
– Fuel tank

This covers many of the common wear items and replaceable parts for maintaining and repairing an X758 tractor.

The official John Deere parts diagrams/manuals provide complete listings with detailed diagrams for ordering any part from the manufacturer.

John Deere x758 Attachments

The John Deere X758 lawn tractor is compatible with the following attachments:

Mower Decks
– 48″ Accel Deep mower deck
– 54″ high-capacity mower deck
– 60″ high-capacity mower deck

Material Collection
– Triple bagger power flow collection system
– Rear baggers and dump carts

Blades, Blowers & Tillers
– Tiller attachment
– Rotary broom
– Turbine blower

Weights & Wheels
– Rear wheel weights
– Tire chains

Sprayers & Spreaders
– Tow-behind spreader
– Tow-behind sprayer

– Front blade
– Rear blade
– Snowblower attachment
– Cab enclosure

The X758’s compatible attachments allow it to be used for a wide variety of lawn care tasks beyond just mowing, such as hauling, tilling, snow removal, and spreading seed/fertilizer. The mower deck size options from 48″ up to a massive 60″ cut also provide flexibility for different property sizes.

John Deere x758 Problems

Common problems reported with the John Deere X758 lawn tractor:

Steering Issues
– Some owners have experienced steering problems or malfunctions with the power steering system.
– One video shows an issue where the steering wheel would not return to center after turning.

Mower Deck Design
– The mower deck design has been criticized for shooting out wet grass clippings through holes in an uncontrolled manner.
– This “green straws/snakes” issue seems to be a flaw in the high-capacity deck’s design according to some users.

Initial Quality Control
– At least one owner reported having several problems right out of the gate with their brand new X758 tractor.
– This suggests there may have been some quality control issues during manufacturing/assembly for certain units.

Overall, the most commonly mentioned problems relate to the power steering system acting up and the mower deck design expelling grass in an undesirable way. However, many owners have not experienced major issues and are satisfied with their X758 tractors, praising the power, comfort and build quality.

It’s worth noting that these are anecdotal reports, and any new product may have a small percentage of lemons or defects. The severity and frequency of the issues is difficult to gauge from just these search results.

John Deere x758 Steering Problems

1. Power steering problems or malfunctions
– Some owners have experienced issues where the power steering system is not providing enough assistance, making the steering wheel very hard to turn, especially at higher speeds.
– One video shows a case where the steering wheel would not return to center after turning.

2. Worn steering gears causing clunking, hesitation or skipping when turning
– Over time, the steering gears like the pinion gear and sector gear can wear out, leading to a skipping or snapping sensation when turning the steering wheel.
– If left unaddressed, the worn gears can eventually fail completely, resulting in loss of steering ability.

3. Potential low steering fluid level
– One suggestion is that the power steering issues could be caused by low power steering fluid, not allowing enough hydraulic pressure to assist steering, especially under load.

John Deere x758 Loader

The John Deere X758 lawn tractor is compatible with front-end loader attachments, though John Deere does not manufacture their own loader for this model.

Aftermarket Loader Options
– The most popular aftermarket loader for the X758 is the Little Buck Loader.
– Little Buck Loaders are designed specifically to fit and work with John Deere X700 series tractors like the X758.
– They attach using a custom mounting frame that bolts onto the tractor’s frame.

Little Buck Loader Features
– Available in different bucket sizes (42″, 48″, 54″)
– Lift capacity around 500-600 lbs depending on bucket size
– Includes hydraulic lift cylinder and control valve
– Quick-attach system for easy removal when not needed

– The X758’s 24 HP diesel engine provides ample power for operating a front loader.
– 4-wheel drive and power steering also make the X758 well-suited as a loader tractor.
– However, front-end loaders can reduce traction and stability, especially on slopes, so caution is advised.

While John Deere does not offer a factory loader option, the aftermarket Little Buck Loader is a very popular choice that is designed to integrate seamlessly with the X758 tractor. This allows owners to add front loader capabilities for material handling, grading, and other tasks.

John Deere x758 Weight

The John Deere X758 lawn tractor has a weight of 1,038 lbs or 470 kg.

This weight specification refers to the tractor itself without any attachments like a mower deck or other implements. It is the base curb weight of just the X758 tractor unit.

Some additional details on the X758’s weight:

– The wheelbase is 54.5 inches (138 cm)
– Length is 75 inches (190 cm)
– Width is 48 inches (121 cm)
– Height at the seat is 51.2 inches (130 cm)

The X758’s substantial 1,038 lb weight is due in part to it being equipped with a 24 HP 3-cylinder diesel engine from Yanmar, as well as having a heavy-duty frame and components to support 4-wheel drive and power steering capabilities.

Compared to the X738 gas model, the diesel X758 weighs about 80 lbs more at 1,038 lbs versus 958 lbs for the X73. This additional weight likely comes from the heavier diesel engine and beefier drivetrain components in the X758.

So in summary, the official curb weight specification for the John Deere X758 diesel lawn tractor from the manufacturer is 1,038 lbs or 470 kg.

John Deere x758 Diesel

The John Deere X758 is equipped with a 24 HP 3-cylinder diesel engine manufactured by Yanmar.

Specifically, the X758’s diesel engine has the following key specifications:

– 24 HP (17.9 kW) power output
– 3-cylinder configuration
– 993cc displacement
– Manufactured by Yanmar for John Deere
– 5.2 gallon (19.7 liter) fuel tank capacity

The diesel engine gives the X758 several advantages over gasoline models:

– Higher torque and lugging ability for tough mowing conditions
– Better fuel efficiency than comparable gasoline engines
– Longer service intervals for maintenance

The 24 HP Yanmar diesel complements the X758’s heavy-duty chassis and drivetrain components like:

– Full-time 4-wheel drive
– Hydrostatic transmission
– Power steering
– Electro-hydraulic clutch

So in summary, the John Deere X758 lawn tractor utilizes a 24 HP 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine sourced from Yanmar, providing the power and torque to handle demanding mowing tasks while taking advantage of diesel’s fuel efficiency.

John Deere x758 Cab

The John Deere X758 lawn tractor does not come standard with a factory-installed cab enclosure, but one is available as an optional attachment.

According to the specifications on the official John Deere website , the X758 has an “open operator station with tilt-back seat” in its base configuration.

The key details about adding a cab to the X758 are:

Cab Enclosure Option
– Provides enclosed operator environment for weather protection[2]
– Includes doors, windshield, and other cab components
– Cab frame attaches to the X758’s chassis[2]
– Air conditioning may be available depending on cab model

– Cab enclosures are not manufactured by John Deere for this model
– Must purchase an aftermarket cab kit designed for the X758
– Popular brands like Curtis, Cub Cadet, and others offer cab kits[3][4]

– Adds substantial weight to the tractor
– May impact visibility and operation in tight spaces
– Increases costs significantly beyond the base tractor price

So in summary, while the John Deere X758 does not come standard with a factory cab, owners can purchase and install an aftermarket enclosed cab kit to gain weather protection and other cab amenities if desired. But the open operator station is the default configuration.

John Deere x758 Snowblower

Snowblower Models
– John Deere offers a 47″ and 54″ two-stage snowblower attachment for the X758
– The 47″ model is more common and popular for this tractor size

– Two-stage design with auger and impeller for throwing snow
– Plastic impeller fan on standard models
– Some owners upgrade to an aftermarket steel impeller for better performance
– Powered by the tractor’s rear PTO and hydraulics

– Capable of handling moderate to heavy snowfalls up to around 12 inches
– May struggle or clog in extremely deep, wet, slushy snow conditions
– Tractor’s 24 HP diesel engine provides good power for operating the snowblower

– Large size makes it difficult to maneuver in tight areas
– Not designed for heavy-duty commercial/industrial snow removal
– Wet snow can impact throwing distance and lead to clogging

Overall, the 47″ or 54″ John Deere snowblower attachments allow the X758 to be used for residential snow clearing after winter storms, with the 24 HP diesel engine providing sufficient power. However, extremely deep or slushy snow can challenge the limits of these tractor-mounted snowblowers.

John Deere x758 3 Point Hitch

The John Deere X758 lawn tractor is compatible with a Category 1 three-point hitch kit that can be installed as an attachment. Here are the key details about this 3-point hitch option:

3-Point Hitch Kit
– Official John Deere kit is part number BUC10169
– Allows attaching a wide range of rear-mounted implements like tillers, mowers, etc.
– Hydraulically controlled for raising/lowering mounted equipment

– Category 1 size is suitable for the X758’s power and size class
– Right-hand screw draft arm allows leveling/tilting implements
– Provides increased ground clearance and lift capacity[

– Requires drilling into the X758’s frame to mount the hitch assembly
– Detailed installation process is shown in instructional videos
– Retrofitting an existing X758 requires this installation kit

– The BUC10169 kit is listed as compatible with the entire X700 series including the X758
– Allows using a wide array of Category 1 3-point implements from various brands

In summary, by installing the John Deere Category 1 3-point hitch kit (BUC10169), owners can greatly expand the capability of their X758 tractor to use rear-mounted implements like tillers, plows, box blades and more via the industry-standard 3-point hitch system. While not standard equipment, this official kit allows retrofitting the X758 with a 3-point hitch.

John Deere x758 Oil Capacity

Engine Oil Capacity

– With filter change: 2.9 liters (3.1 quarts)
– Without filter change: 2.9 liters (3.1 quarts)

The recommended engine oil is John Deere PLUS-50™ II 15W-40.

The engine oil change interval is every 200 hours.

Hydraulic System Oil Capacity
– With filter change: 3.2 liters (3.4 quarts)
– Oil type: John Deere PLUS-50™ II 15W-40
– Hydraulic oil change interval: 50 hours (break-in period), then every 200 hours

So in summary, the X758’s engine oil capacity is 2.9 liters (3.1 quarts) when changing the oil filter. The hydraulic system capacity is 3.2 liters (3.4 quarts) with a filter change. The recommended oil for both the engine and hydraulic system is John Deere PLUS-50 II 15W-40.

John Deere x758 Oil Filter

The oil filter for the John Deere X758 lawn tractor is the M806418 filter.

Here are the key details about this oil filter:

– Part number: M806418
– Genuine OEM John Deere oil filter
– Used for engine oil changes on the X758
– Filter change interval is every 200 hours of operation

The M806418 filter is compatible with many John Deere models including the entire X700 series like the X758, as well as other lawn tractors, compact utility tractors, Gators, and mowers.

When changing the engine oil on an X758, you would replace the M806418 filter along with adding 2.9 liters (3.1 quarts) of John Deere PLUS-50 II 15W-40 engine oil. This filter and oil capacity/viscosity is specified in the maintenance documentation for the X758 tractor.

John Deere x758 v 1025r

– Both are powered by similar 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engines around 24 HP (X758: 24 HP Yanmar, 1025R: 23.9 HP Yanmar).
– Full-time 4-wheel drive
– Hydrostatic transmissions
– Tilt steering wheel and adjustable seat
– 12V power outlet and cup holder

Key Differences
– The 1025R is heavier at around 1,700 lbs compared to the X758’s 1,038-1,250 lbs
– The 1025R comes standard with a 3-point hitch and rear PTO, while these are optional extras on the X758
– The 1025R has a higher MSRP starting around $13,800 versus $10,800 for the X758
– The 1025R is designed as a true utility tractor with a more robust frame and drivetrain
– The X758 is optimized more for mowing large residential properties as a lawn tractor

Some other key points:
– The 1025R has more standard features like work lights, toolbox, loader prep package
– The 1025R’s heavier weight gives better traction and stability for loader work
– But the lighter X758 may be gentler on turf when just mowing
– Both can use many of the same attachments like front blades, tillers, snowblowers

So in essence, the 1025R is the more heavy-duty, versatile utility tractor while the X758 is optimized as a premium residential lawn tractor, though they share some core diesel powertrain components. The choice depends on whether you need the extra capability of the 1025R or if the X758’s mowing-focused design is sufficient.

John Deere x758 Battery

Battery Size/Type
– The correct battery size and type for the X758 is Group U1
– This is a common lawn and garden tractor battery size

OEM John Deere Battery
– The official OEM John Deere part number for the X758 battery is AM146025
– This is a 12V battery specifically designed for the X758 model

Aftermarket Battery Options
– Many owners opt for more affordable aftermarket U1 batteries instead of the OEM Deere battery
– Popular brands like Interstate, EverStart, and others offer U1 batteries that will fit the X758
– Be sure to check that the physical dimensions will fit in the X758’s battery tray

Battery Specs
– 12V battery
– 340 cold cranking amps
– Top post terminal style

When replacing the battery on an X758, owners can either use the OEM AM146025 battery from John Deere or purchase an aftermarket Group U1 12V battery that meets the size and performance requirements. Proper battery size and cranking amps are important for reliable starting of the 24HP diesel engine.

John Deere x758 Engine

– 24 HP (17.9 kW) 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine
– Manufactured by Yanmar, model 3TNM74
– 993 cc (60.6 cu-in) displacement
– 2.91 x 3.03 inch (74 x 77 mm) bore and stroke
– Indirect fuel injection
– 23.2:1 compression ratio
– 12V electric starter
– 5.2 gallon (19.7 liter) fuel tank capacity

The 24 HP Yanmar 3TNM74 diesel engine provides several key advantages for the X758 tractor:

– High torque output and lugging ability for tough mowing conditions
– Better fuel efficiency compared to gasoline engines
– Longer service intervals between maintenance

The diesel engine complements the X758’s heavy-duty drivetrain components like the hydrostatic transmission, 4-wheel drive, power steering, and independent front PTO.